Creative Arts Competition Spurs Innovation at MIT

As a respected entrepreneur and alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Jean-Jacques Degroof sponsors the annual Creative Arts Competition and is a member of the jury.

This years event is set for April 30 and is designed for young entrepreneurs in an effort to generate startup businesses focused on the arts. Teams comprised of graduate and undergraduate students from MIT pitch a panel of judges with a bevy of ideas that represent how art and business can join forces in a collaborative effort. The 2017 winner, Roots Studio, is a perfect example of the competition’s mission. They digitally transform art from rural villages into high-end products, thus taking away the burden of a costly supply chain through licensing.

Co-founded by CEO Rebecca Hui in 2011, they are able to connect rural artists around the world with design hubs who use the authentic designs to reach out to a multi-billion dollar market.

The first place prize for the 2018 competition will receive $15,000. For more information, go to



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