Jean-Jacques Degroof

Jean-Jacques Degroof and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Industrial Performance Center, Part II

Jean-Jacques DegroofBefore assuming his current position with the IPC, Jean-Jacques Degroof held the title of Researcher for the institute from 2002 to 2004. Notably, he collaborated on the Local Innovation System project, which is summarized in a working paper titled “Universities, Innovation, and the Competitiveness of Local Economies,” authored by Professor Richard Lester.

The report suggests that institutions of higher learning can contribute to regional innovation and economic growth through their traditional roles of education and research, but also in less traditional ways involving interactions with industry. However, the types of relevant exchanges with industry (including consulting, contract and joint research, licensing and patenting, providing public spaces, and others) depend on the form of local industrial development.

The paper thus suggests that the current focus on licensing and patenting should be replaced with a more nuanced approach to development.

About Jean-Jacques Degroof

Prior to working as an Affiliate Researcher for the IPC, Jean-Jacques Degroof earned both his Master of Science and his Doctor of Philosophy in Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has contributed to another research project conducted by the MIT Industrial Performance Center and the Center for Business Research of the University of Cambridge titled “Benchmarking Innovation.” The research was sponsored by the Cambridge-MIT Institute. It is summarized in the report, which is titled “UK plc: Just how innovative are we?”


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