The Responsibilities of an MIT Educational Counselor

Dr. Jean-Jacques Degroof, entrepreneurship instructor and venture investor, earned both his MS and PhD in management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Along with his role as a mentor to students in the Sloan Business School’s MBA and MS programs, Dr. Jean-Jacques Degroof serves his alma mater as an educational counselor.

An MIT educational counselor assumes the responsibility of assisting the university in the selection of freshman students each year. The school focuses on recruiting individuals from different backgrounds with diverse interests and accepts around 8 percent of annual applicants. The role of an educational counselor at MIT is to act as a link between the university and high school students, answering questions, educating them about programs, and inciting enthusiasm for the institute.

One of the most important aspects of working as an educational counselor is actively meeting with candidates, which adds a human element to the process of educating parents and students about the benefits that MIT offers. An educational counselor also conducts interviews with prospective students and reports his or her findings to the Office of Admissions.

Additionally, educational counselors are responsible for staying in touch with accepted students they interviewed. MIT’s educational counselors are located across the world and play an important part in supporting the university’s student body.


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