The Annual MIT Alumni Leadership Conference – A Review of ALC 2014

Dr. Jean-Jacques Degroof leverages expertise in entrepreneurship and local economic development to serve as a researcher, mentor, and investor. Since earning a PhD from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Dr. Jean-Jacques Degroof has remained active in the school’s programs and events, including the annual MIT Alumni Leadership Conference (ALC).

In September 2014, the MIT Alumni Association hosted ALC 2014 on the MIT campus, where more than 600 MIT volunteers were able to engage in walking tours, seminars, and events. At the two-day conference, alumni from at least 40 graduating classes gathered to hear school leaders and faculty talk about the present status of the institute and MIT’s ideas for the future.

Professors Fiona Murray and Vladimir Bulovic opened the conference with a presentation on MIT’s expanding academic opportunities related to entrepreneurship and innovation, and the school’s international collaborations. During the presentation, Professor Murray specifically explored MIT’s work with the United Kingdom and Singapore and explained how government administrations can help to foster innovation.

The conference also featured a talk from MIT Director of Digital Learning Sanjay Sarma and Professor Karen Willcox, who commented on the final recommendations of President Reif’s Task Force on the Future of MIT Education. The final day of ALC 2014 included Institute updates from Provost Martin Schmidt, a presentation on MIT’s history and future by Professor John Ochsendorf, and a Leadership Awards Celebration.

ALC 2015 on September 25-26 features such keynote speakers as Drs. Martin Culpepper and Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart and covers topics ranging from why maker spaces are vital to the real-world success of MIT students and the valuable role of an Educational Counselor.


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