Innovacs Highlights Presentation on Tools of Entrepreneurship

Over the course of his career, Dr. Jean-Jacques Degroof has conducted research and authored publications on economic development, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Dr. Jean-Jacques Degroof has worked with organizations around the world, such as Innovacs, which unites businesses, universities, and government bodies across France’s Grenoble region to foster local innovation.

Innovacs highlights various projects and presentations on innovation in Grenoble, including a 2015 seminar titled Addressing the Complex and Uncertain: Theory, Posture, and Tools of Entrepreneurship. During the presentation, experts in innovation and entrepreneurship Drs. Dominique Vian and Philippe Silberzahn discussed recent research on the effectuation of entrepreneurial reasoning and the learnable methods successful entrepreneurs utilize to address uncertain and complex situations.

The presentation focused on two tools, one of which is called ISMA360, a method created by Dr. Vian, who is an associate professor of innovation and entrepreneurship at SKEMA Business School. ISMA360 emphasizes the role of entrepreneurial logic in strategy and the transformation of an invention. Dr. Vian and Dr. Silberzahn, an associate researcher at the Ecole Polytechnique and a professor at EMLYON Business School, also explored FOCAL, a tool used to visualize the complex and generate non-intuitive solutions for economic or social issues.


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