MIT Sloan Alumni-Student Mentoring Program

An affiliate researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Industrial Performance Center and a former fellow of the Sloan School of Management at MIT, Jean-Jacques Degroof continues to stay connected with his alma mater. In addition to working on academic research, Jean-Jacques Degroof volunteers his time as a mentor in the MIT Sloan Alumni-Student Mentoring Program.

The MIT Sloan Alumni-Student Mentoring Program pairs alumni with students to help shape future leaders and innovators. The program serves as an opportunity for students to gain career guidance and make valuable connections. For mentors, the program supports the growing MIT Sloan community and is a way for alumni to help the school achieve its mission and goals.

The program is serviced through an online platform that matches mentors and mentees, based on profile information each provides. The system will offer recommendations to both parties about which participants best fit one another. However, students and mentors have the ability to determine who they work with. Once matched, the mentor works with the mentee to set guidelines for communication and goals for the partnership. As both individuals progress through the program, the mentor’s goal is to provide inspiration, encouragement, and useful resources to guide the mentee toward the career he or she envisions.


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