Jean-Jacques Degroof – Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conf.

A former Sloan Fellow with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Jean-Jacques Degroof remains connected to the institution as an affiliate researcher with its Industrial Performance Center and as an educational counselor. Throughout his career, Jean-Jacques Degroof has spoken at numerous events regarding economic development. In 1999, he presented the paper “The Impact of Human Capital, Social Capital and Team Structures on the Performance of Entrepreneurial Teams” at the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, and it was included in the Best Paper Proceedings compilation.

Launched in 1981, the three-day Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference has earned recognition as one of the world’s more important symposiums dedicated to entrepreneurship. It was created to connect business leaders and academics in this field so that they can discover how theories work in a real-world environment. More than 220 papers are presented at this annual event, which is attended by greater than 350 guests. Additionally, the conference features a Doctoral Consortium that allows future generations of entrepreneurship academics to interact with notables in the field.

Due to the event’s popularity, organizers of the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference decide on the event location up to four years in advance. Future conferences will take place in Canada, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Norway. Moreover, the top 40 papers from every conference are posted online in the “Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research” section for anyone to read. Topics covered at these events include angel investing, public policy, family enterprise, and entrepreneurial characteristics.


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